Wednesday, March 05, 2008

more postcards

I was asked to do more postcards, so apparently people are buying these. These three new and also the old ones are being sold at Kuuomena, which is a gift shop in Trio, Lahti (Aleksanterinkatu 18). So if you happen to be somewhere near, stop by and check them out.

Oh, and then something odd and confusing. Someone in Romania has decided to write something about me, I have no idea what though, my Romanian is a little bit rusty.
Weird. Just weird.


Anonymous said...

Dear Markku,

I'm sorry, I never intended to "confuse" you in any way. As you know already, my name is Diana and I work for a cultural magazine in Romania. My column is called "Display" and I write about artists who are not (well-)known in my country, although they are famous, or at least extremely talented. I don't remember exactly how I found you, but I am very impressed by your work and I thought I could share my opinion to my readers.

Best wishes,


PS: Maybe someday (but it is not a promise...) I'll translate that article for you. Although my English is not so great...

Markku said...

There's no need to apologize, it was a positive surprise! Just something that I wasn't expecting... well, surprises are like that... And because I'm not actually any way famous, not even in my own country. Extremely talented? Thank you for those words :)

But I'm pleased that you enjoyed my work, and maybe your readers will enjoy them too. Every picture needs viewers to become alive.