Wednesday, August 03, 2011

In a dark place

Yesterday I had this dream that a good friend of mine was dead. I was sad and crying, not wanting to believe that she was really gone. But then I was talking with her parents, and they told me that although she was dead, somehow her spirit or ghost was still present, that you could feel her presence in this cave in a nearby forest. So I ran to look for the cave and found it in a grassy clearing. It was a cave in the ground, almost a straight hole down and I couldn't see the bottom, it was pitch-black. I started to climb down and immediately I could feel the presence of my friend, growing stronger the further I went down. But the cave was very dark, and there was water and I knew it was deep, bottomless. I also knew that she was down there, in the blackness, somewhere. I tried to move, to force myself to go down there but I couldn't. I was scared of the water, knowing I would drown if I went any further. So after awhile I climbed out of the cave, crying all the way up. And I hated myself for being too damn afraid to dive into the black water and find her.

So when I woke up, I started to draw this diver, someone braver than me, someone who can find her.