Sunday, May 25, 2008

new layout

Uu-uh, new hot layout, hotter than a dead moose in a freezer!
I got really tired about the old one actually a long time ago, especially the colors, my blog was like a damn rainbow. But now everything is fine.

New stuff coming next week. Maybe even a moose? Or a freezer. Who knows. Come back and see, and as always, feel free to leave comments.

broken face

Just started to draw something before going to bed, emptying my head. Hoping my thoughts don't follow me in my sleep.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

something fell from the sky

Work in progress.

Late last night I found an old sketch doodled on some piece of paper. The sketch had a very promising feeling now that I had already forgotten it's existence. So I picked up my pen and didn't sleep very much last night, but fortunately that's what the days are for.
I'm just afraid the grass is a real pain in the ass to color.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


These are going to be on the upcoming issue of Tähtivaeltaja.
Illustrations for Echo, a short story by Elizabeth Hand.

I haven't been very productive lately, as you may have noticed. Still trying to cooperate with the light issue, I guess. Or maybe I'm just having a less productive phase. Once, when I was again complaining how I can't get anything done, someone told me that you don't actually have to be productive all the time. A good point but I always forget it, as most of the time I just think that I'm never productive enough.

Now I'm off to my balcony where I'm just going to sit in the sun and drink some rooibos tea, and not thinking the following:
- work
- money
- am I doing enough work
- am I adequate ( as in a person and an artist and as in everything)
- things I should have been doing today
- all the things that are unfinished (in life)
- life generally
- reasons for my daily headaches