Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Leaking Reality

It's been a bit of a slow season for me, or at least what comes to drawn art, but creativity needs some pauses from time to time. Or so I tell myself...

But there's some art stuff I've been involved, I did an audiovisual installation with the Kouvostoliitto-group for the Kouvola Night of Art last Friday.

Name of the installation was "Leaking Reality" and the basic idea was that the reality of Kouvostoliitto was leaking through some TV-sets into our reality. If you have no idea what Kouvostoliitto is, you can visit or read this article where I speak something about the Kouvostoliitto art project.

Here's some pics from the Night of Art.

Work in progress

Almost ready

is making some final adjustments

Up and running

I'm setting TV-set number 2 at another location

Heidi is preparing for her role as an official of Kouvostoliitto

Tiina at our stand where we we're selling Kouvostoliitto stuff and also some of my art stuff

Trying to fit everything on the tables

Some customers

TV-screen at night