Saturday, March 22, 2008

big yellow robots are a girl's best friend

I like the area below the speech bubble and left from the girl's knee. Everything else just came up as something mediocre. Oh well, moving on...

Friday, March 07, 2008

a boy with too much fear in his heart

At first the girl was also supposed to sit on the roof outside her window but I just couldn't draw her there the way it would look good, damn frustrating. So she is in the window now, but it doesn't change the idea much so it's ok.

I noticed that I have developed a new addiction in things I like to draw. The trees are having a rest for awhile, now it's swirling clouds in every picture I start to sketch or even think. Wonder what that means...

Thursday, March 06, 2008

just for the fun

Another work in progress

Yeah, I know I'm quite far from the fountains of original ideas with this one, but I just had so much fun drawing this that I couldn't stop. And there is always room in the world for one more picture with giant robots and girls with gas masks in it, right? Yes, of course there is, I knew you would all agree with me.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

more postcards

I was asked to do more postcards, so apparently people are buying these. These three new and also the old ones are being sold at Kuuomena, which is a gift shop in Trio, Lahti (Aleksanterinkatu 18). So if you happen to be somewhere near, stop by and check them out.

Oh, and then something odd and confusing. Someone in Romania has decided to write something about me, I have no idea what though, my Romanian is a little bit rusty.
Weird. Just weird.

some ink on a paper

work in progress

A boy with too much fear in his heart.

Did some inking today, too much actually. It took almost the same time to clean it up afterwards as it took to ink it. Let's just say that there was an accident - or actually two accidents - with a cup, some Indian Ink and an enormous amount of stupidity.
But everything's fine now and the inks look surprisingly good considering I'm almost never satisfied with my inking. It still needs coloring though.