Friday, March 07, 2008

a boy with too much fear in his heart

At first the girl was also supposed to sit on the roof outside her window but I just couldn't draw her there the way it would look good, damn frustrating. So she is in the window now, but it doesn't change the idea much so it's ok.

I noticed that I have developed a new addiction in things I like to draw. The trees are having a rest for awhile, now it's swirling clouds in every picture I start to sketch or even think. Wonder what that means...


vic said...


my name is vic and i'm from romania too. you drew for me a cat.

the article from 'Suplimentul de lectura' by Diana Soare is an admirable one. she translated all you wrote in your blog.
she said: 'Kouvostoliitto trebuie sa fie un loc teribil de trist.' I translate for you: Kouvostoliitto must be a terrible said place'.
Is she right?

the title means 'pencils and photoshop'.

vic said...

the trees means roots, life, power, green and a perennial sight.

clouds means ephemeral. tails. imagination. live this momment, tomorrow may be clear sky.

Markku said...

First I have to tell you a little bit what Kouvostoliitto is. It's kind of an alternative reality of my home town, with a lot of black humour and irony. It's offers a way to laugh to all the things in this town that aren't really things that make you laugh. It's a way to see something else by just closing your eyes, not just to point out the ugly concrete buildings or the grey atmosphere around here, though the images of Kouvostoliitto comes mostly from those things.

For me, Kouvostoliitto means a way to survive. I need imaginery worlds, Kouvostoliitto is just one of the many places where I go when I like to hide from this one reality we all share. But the art I make seldom comes from Kouvostoliitto, those things live somewhere else.

Is it a sad place? I've never thought it to be sad. More like hopeless. It's stuck, lost in itself, unable to change or evolve, just to become more of what it already is. But of course, in a way, that's sad too.

What comes to sadness in overall, I admit it has a lot to do with most of the art I make. I recently had a dicussion about some of my pictures with a couple of people, how they see them, are they sad or not. I can't give one right answer. Of course they have one meaning for me, but that doesn't mean everyone else should see them the same way.

But I'm always curious to hear what people have to say about my pictures and how they see them. So please feel free to comment.