Thursday, March 19, 2009

art for sale -updated-

Enough people asked for these, so here is some prints for you. Put them on a frame and there you go.
400mm x 300mm prints (the actual image area is 310mm x 210mm ) on a 4CC 300 g/m2 paper.

If you want one, send your order here: markku(at)groteski(dot)net
Price is 14€ each + 6€ for postage cost (in Finland). Delivered in a tube seen below.

There are eight different prints to choose from:

1/ "goodbye"               2/ "a boy with too much fear in his heart"

3/ "something fell from the sky"               4/ "lost together"

5/ "no more games"

6/ " a temporary escape becomes a home"

7/ "through the ivory gate"

8/ "self-protection"