Sunday, May 15, 2011

The life after deadlines

Yes, I'm still alive in case you were wondering. This far the whole year has just been too full of commissioned jobs and other projects so I haven't got much time to do draw anything for myself and this blog has suffered from a deathlike silence. Lots of great things has happened in a short time, yesterday I made my first musical performance on an open air stage, being a part of an experimental electronic music and video art performance named Boys on Toys: The Language of Electric Waste. The show was a part of Kymenlaakso 2011 happening at Turku. I hope to get some video from the show soon.

I feel kind of exhausted at the moment, but the things that have kept me busy for so long are now finished and the pages on my calender are almost empty for the coming weeks and even beyond that. I had almost forgot how it feels not having a deadline after deadline lurking in every spread of my calender. So after some holiday time, I'm going to concentrate on doing my own art projects at least for a year, that means a lot of drawing amongst other things. Also, this blog will wake up from its slumber.


hippityttö said...

Kuulin ilouutisista, tosi hienoa:)
Aiotko pitää näyttelyn työrupeaman jälkeen? Olisi kiinnostaa vaikka tulla katsomaan teoksia sitten...

Tykkään siitä kuvasta, joka meni sinne Amerikannäyttelyyn:)

Mukavaa, että päivitit blogia. Toivon iloista luovuutta!

Markku said...

Kiitoksia, iloahan tämä on kun saa tehdä vain taidetta :) Kyllähän tästä matskua näyttelyyn alkaa syntyä, millainen näyttely ja milloin, niin sitä en osaa vielä sanoa.
Mutta nyt syksyllä ois Kouvolassa ainaskin yksi näyttely mihin teen videoinstallaatiota.