Friday, August 29, 2008

the smell of autumn

The leaves are still green here but you can already smell it in the wind... autumn is coming.


vic said...

would you think at this poem of baudelaire?

les promesses d'un visage.

i'm sure it's just for you, you can draw it, with her talking eyes.

Markku said...

Ok, I'll think about it.
And yeah, maybe I'll draw it too. The poem got me thinking about the concept of a muse.

david santos said...

This is Art!!!

Anonymous said...

is there some place where your work is available? i got a "fallen" postcard recently from a friend, but then i'd love to have a bigger print... especially for your tree motives with all the detail the small size just doesn't do...
i very much like this one, "smell of autumn", too. fall is for melancholy, lost dreams, dancing leaves; beautifully captured here

Markku said...

I'm glad you liked "the smell of autumn" and the postcard too.

At the moment, postcards are the only items available. But I'm planning to make large art prints /posters on sale, maybe sometime at the end of this year. So to everyone who would like to have those prints, feel free to give me a hint which one of my work you would like to see in art prints. Otherwise I just pick my own favorites and hope other people like them too.