Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the growing absence of darkness

"please don't go"

The days are becoming longer and longer and there's a ridiculous amount of light every day considering how little of it we had just a couple of months ago. It's a good thing, I wish it was summer already, but the light has also some negative effects, like the lack of creativity. It's been really hard for me to do anything creative for several weeks. I blame the light.
I work mostly at nights when it's dark, so if it was hard to do anything daytime at winter, now it seems almost impossible. But I guess this will pass, it's just the dramatic and quick change of light that seem to mess up my head.

I've been mostly drawing my graphic novel, it's finally showing some progress. I'll post something when I do some inking, the pencilled pages aren't much to show.


vic said...

this reminds me Daphne, but in your draw I see only roots, leaf less. but the same sense of dramatism.

in this link:
is a picture of the statue of Bernini, that I like very much.
do you like Bernini?

Markku said...

I can't say I like Bernini, but it's also too strong if I say I don't like him.
Let's say that I don't have a strong opinion in either way. Sure, his work impresses me, but liking them is a another thing. It's a very different kind of art that sets me on fire.

Anonymous said...

Well, your drawing doesn't have leafs, but on the other hand, Bernini didn't do the leafs on Daphne himself. He got bored, so he made his assistant do all the leafs. So maybe you too need an assistant do draw you more leafs? :D

Markku said...

Great idea! Maybe that how I could actually finish more stuff, and what's best, with more leafs! And besides, all great artists had assistants, I want one too. So what are you doing next week?

No wait, damn, first I have to become a great artist. So let me get back to you...yeah, next week? ;)