Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dancing Queen

It was about 1 am. I was drawing puppies and kites when suddenly she came in. Before I stopped wondering who she was and how she had gotten in, Diablo's great Abba cover Dancing Queen was playing on my stereos and she started dancing. And the way she danced.. like an angel. I almost had to cry a bit, it was so beautiful. So beautiful. And somewhere after the first chorus I think I fell in love for a moment or two.

The song ended and she stopped dancing and just left before I had a chance to ask her name. Or see her face. I sat puzzled and alone in my apartment and realized it was almost 5 am. How could it be? She had been here only for the duration of one song... but hours had passed. I don't understand. Now my head just feels heavy and there's needles in my eyes. I have to get some sleep...

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