Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ride the current

Lately I've spent a lot of my time with a music project, Riders Of The Lost Current. Things have been developing fast since the group was formed just a year ago. Last week we were playing at taf, in Athens and next performance will be in Berlin. The musical void I've been suffering for years has been finally filled. Self-expression through music is something I need and I'm really happy that I've once again founded a way to do it. This time it's something totally different than ten years ago, it's a long way from singing in a death metal band to playing experimental drone and ambient music with circuit bended toy instruments. 

Here's our website, ridersofthelostcurrent.com and check also the facebook page.
Videos and music are coming soon.

Now it's time to take a little break from the music and pick up the pencils. So many things to draw, I'll try to post something as soon as the lines find their places on the paper.

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