Tuesday, February 09, 2010

work in progress

Here's something I've been drawing. First one is going to be an illustration for my exhibition poster. Still trying to figure out the name for the exhibition. Names are hard, especially names that should represent a whole bunch on pictures, not just one. I do have a lot of bad names though, they are really easy to come by. But the good ones, they are still hiding.
Names and words. Words to describe pictures... one reason why I even draw pictures is that I don't have words for certain things; they must be shown, not explained. But I do have to say, that I kind of hate that when a piece of art is given such a fascinating name as "untitled 1" or even more captivating "untitled 2".

This is usually the point where I lose my interest. Or here the most fun part ends. I got the pencils almost done and when I should start inking and coloring the pictures, I just start drawing something else. Finishing something doesn't intrigue me as much as the part of the process where I don't know what the outcome will be. Somehow you're always losing something, when things find their final shape. They become just one thing instead of being an endless amount of possibilities. The dreaming ends and all there is left is a reality which is bound into a one crippled form.

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vic said...

maybe Feelings.