Friday, August 10, 2007

frog prince

Yeah right, like the little bastard would turn into a prince if she stuck her tongue in its mouth....

I don't like this but decided to finish it just to get it out of my way.


Anonymous said...

Woah! Another new style? It looks more like a... hmmm... "traditional comic" (perhaps European). Or something that's aimed more at kids (a comic or a story book). I mean... It has tons of warm humour and there's still this great creepiness, but in a nice, safe way. And lots of intriguing details!

Quite different from what you usually do. Is that why you don't like it, or is there something else?

I could totally see you doing stuff with this kind of style too.

Markku said...

Don't like the inking so much, it's somehow too stiff. That's the problem most of the times when I try to do stuff like this. Drawing stuff is relatively easy compared to inking them... like I didn't know that before.

But the style still continues to fascinate me, mainly because I grew up reading comics drawn by this more traditional way. So time to time, I try and try and maybe someday I get something right. Until then, I just keep cursing why I bother to spent so many hours inking something just to throw it away half-finished.

Although I'm not totally happy with this one, it gave me a great inspiration to do more stuff like this, just not with inks. The girl with the gasmask is going to have a couple of friends to travel with through mysterious lands and times. Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...