Friday, June 15, 2007

More Dryads

A work in progress.
Well, it took awhile to draw her but it was fun. Now I just have to ink her... *sigh*

I'm finding this kind of style just fun and relaxing. I had a bad block for several weeks when I didn't seem to come up with anything good, but then I started to draw these dryads and now my head is again full of ideas. Maybe I just needed to do something different for awhile and something that wasn't full of meanings. Just pretty pictures with lots of little details to work on and empty my thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! I was going to comment on this a week ago but forgot... That's just lazy old me.

It reminds me of the classic Alan Moore -period Swamp Thing. Love it!

How are your other projects coming along? Shall we see that Lovecraft comic soon? ;)

Markku said...

Yeah, I was thinking Swamp Thing too.

That Lovecraft thing, soon? Hahahahaha
No,it's looking good, but as you know, also very slow. Umm, maybe I have something to show when you get back to Finland :)

Actually, I was thinking to finish a couple of panels and to figure out how I should color them. Maybe I do it now.